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Youngblood (2023)

1 x 90 minute theatrical feature film


Dean Youngblood was raised by his father, Blane, on a diet of toughness and hockey. When Dean is invited to join the Hamilton Bulldogs, he travels to Canada from Detroit where his skill commands respect and his arrogance earns him fast enemies. Coach Chadwick, resentful of being saddled with such a toxic player, keeps Dean benched game after game. Dean’s frustration builds, culminating in a violent outburst involving rival goon Carl Racki that costs the Bulldogs a significant win. As Team Captain Sutton takes him under his wing, Dean begins to buck Blane’s teachings and his growing maturity spurs a relationship with Jessie – Coach Chadwick’s daughter – who gives Dean a run for his money on and off the ice. His newfound resolve draws the ire of Racki, who provokes Dean during a game by attacking and seriously injuring Sutton. As the final game of the Memorial Cup tournament approaches, so does his showdown with Racki and Dean’s choice as to what kind of man he wants to be.

The original 1986 film, distributed by MGM, starred Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves in his feature film debut, and has since become a cult classic among hockey fans.

Produced by Aircraft Pictures in association with Dolphin Entertainment 

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